Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's A Brand New Blogging Day!

I know, I know - It's been a month - a MONTH! - since I've blogged. (bad writer! bad! bad!)  But it's not like I haven't been writing...just that I haven't been doing it on my blog.  (sorry)

But now, due to an AWESOME-TASTIC blog makeover by uber-tech-diva of darkness, Parajunkiee, that I won at author Carrie Harris's charity auction NIGHT OF THE GIVING DEAD, I have a brand new look!  It's like getting your hair colored, or a pedicure, or perhaps even a new outfit - that new blog smell is lovely and inviting.  Write on me it whispers.  Therefore, it's my first OFFICIAL post here at my new digs.

Just so you know, if you were a regular before, you'll need to reset your bookmarks, since it's hosted by Blogspot, rather than Wordpress.  However, this site is now the one hooked up to the link on my website, and I will leave links between the old and the new on the two blogs.

I have so much to cover on this blog, that I can't possibly even attempt it on one posting, so here's a teaser for the upcoming avalanche of new posts I'll be writing soon.  I'll need to review some of the 50 Books of Summer I've read already (including Carrie Harris's epic and hilarious teenage zombie extravaganza, Bad Taste in Boys).  I need to update you on what's happening with my agent search.  I should shout out to my new peeps at SCBWI after the fabulous weekend retreat in Springfield.  I want to talk about some new ideas I'm trying and the old ones I'm still working on.  I could even shout out to my students from last year, some of whom have shown me fabulous new ways to decorate myself with words, impressed me with their hilarious performances at Second City, and begun to write their own novels (and it's not even November!).

So, for now, I'll say...enjoy this last month of summer - finish what you've started and start the fall refreshed and ready to take on new challenges.  I know that's what I'll be doing!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011