Friday, June 15, 2012

Renoir's Madame and her Children - A Quick Poem

There was a second quickwrite challenge today that I couldn't resist.  Kate Messner posted the link to view the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection and invited us to write a poem based on one of the works.  I chose this painting by Auguste Renoir and tried to imagine what each being in the painting was thinking.

Endless Teatime

Oh dear. So much to do.
Dinner to put together.
The account with le marchand de vins to settle.
The upstairs maid to instruct.
Notes and invitations to answer.
He scribbles and sketches
We fight off cramped posteriors and wait
Any moment now the children
Will revolt
I know it will be lovely
But must he take so long?

I get to sit next to Maman.
She loves me best.
The painter man has sad eyes.
Like Beaumont looks today.
His moustache is like Beaumont, too.
Look how Bertie has to sit on Beaumont.

Maman, I'm tired
Maman, I'm itchy
Maman, I'm hungry
Maman, I have to use the chamber pot
Maman, Can I have un gateau sec?
Maman, I'm thirsty, when do we get to drink the tea?
Maman, Pauley is making faces at me.
Maman, Why does she get to sit on the couch
and I have to sit on stinky old Beaumont?

Stop squirming or I will eat you.
Drop a cookie
Drop a cookie
Drop a cookie
Drop a cookie
There had better be meat at the end of this.

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