Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dear Margaret; Elegy for A Mechanical Friend

Dear Margaret,
When we met,
nine years ago,
I knew the rightness
of you from
the first. 
You were
My First.
New and Shiny
Traveling Companion.

You smiled and hummed
your pleasure at me
engulfing me in the safety of 
your strong steel embrace.
As I fumbled at first
to shake your hand properly
you introduced yourself
Margaret: a dignified name
with a spark of the devil.

Like a friend who 
knows just when to help
you get into (and out of)
trouble, you'd laugh with
delight, when I hinted
I like speed, 
Then take off to
race the wind, 
heedless of what some
might call your "stodgy"

You were an outdoor girl -
enjoyed the wind and the rain
and the sun sparkling
in your eyes, and
you stayed looking so young.
At the last, you were
beaten and battered 
by circumstance

And as I take your image
one last time, I have to
sigh, more than a little
that I lose a loyal
friend and partner in 
the journey.
Travel on, Margaret.

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