Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why Poetry?

I'm excited to be able to join many other teachers nationwide this April to celebrate National Poetry Month by reading, writing, and workshopping each others' poetry, guided by Christopher Lehman in our #TeacherPoets hashtag on Twitter and our TeacherPoets circle on Google+.

Our first assignment for session one was to answer the question, "Why Poetry?"

by Jessica Wisniewski

Photographs aren't the only snapshots.
I want to save this moment
But prose requires padding
So much extra
That the sleekness of a moment
is lost
in a blanket of stuffy
packing peanut words.

Moments that are glints
of melted butter sunlight
in verse
are smothered by the 
superfluous necessities
of prose.

This moment finds
a home
on  welcoming page.
Vast waterfall collages
of emotion,
Distilled into bright,
sharp facets
that reflect our liquid lives.
Filling our square holes.

Grasp and hold that moment.
Examine and taste.
Sniff and consider.
Admire or dismiss.

Take a snapshot of my soul's life,
And you will find poetry.

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